Caring For Your New Tee

Posted on July 13 2019

Caring For Your New Tee

When your new t-shirt arrives, it may have a glue-like odor. This is not harmful. It is simply an indication that your t-shirt was freshly printed. The odor will begin to dissipate once exposed to air.

Washing Instructions:

  1.  Always wash your tee inside out and in cold water
  2.  Air drying is best to keep your tee looking fresh for a long time
  3. If you prefer, machine dry on the lowest heat setting and remove from dryer before it is completely dry
  4. If you choose to wash your tee in warm/hot water and dry on high heat, you surely run the risk of ruining your t-shirt!
  5.  Never use bleach
  6. Hang your tee to store, vs. folding to avoid permanent creases or cracking along a folded edge
  7. Never iron over the graphic
  8. Traveling?  Fold your t-shirt only on non print areas and then roll it the rest of the way.  Pack your graphic tees last so the weight of other clothing doesn't cause creases.

All t-shirts will eventually wear out and fade, but with proper care, you can get years of enjoyment out of them.

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